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Making The World A Better Place!

I’m amazed almost every day by my daughter Kensie. She’s beautiful, smart, brave, creative, athletic, funny, musical, and so much more.  I’m a proud dad and she’s taught me more in a couple years than I could ever teach her in a lifetime. She’s our little miracle and we thank God for her. A tradition I’ve started for the kids since they’ve been born is making a video of their birthdays each year.

One day when Kensie was seven, she interrupted me while I was on a phone call and asked if I could come and record a video of her. Not knowing what she was talking about, I followed her to our basement where she had set up an elaborate ‘studio’ where she wanted to record her hosting the ‘Kensie Olson’ show. To my amazement, for the next five minutes, she explained with a bunch of drawings on the wall, how we can all ‘make the world a better place.’  I was surprised by how much time and thought she had put into everything and as I recorded became really proud of her for  independently creating this. This is the clip of her show and I think it shows a glimpse of her creativity, humor, and passion to make the world a better place.

If you want a raw glimpse of what life has been like with her in our family, here is our entire birthday video collection. Each year as a family we watch these together and remind her how truly special and important she is to us. With God’s grace, here’s to many more years of dreaming, laughing, loving, and living together. I love you Kensie. You’ll always be my baby girl.

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