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WCCO-TV News ‘Market Report’

Every year our local real estate association puts together an in-depth report about the last 12 months of sales and statistics in the Twin Cities. There is a massive amount of data to process and part of my job as a local realtor is to understand and use this information in strategic ways to help home buyers and sellers make more well informed and confident decisions.

I use this data to identify current and historicial trends, point out significant market changes (and what’s caused them), and provide an easy way to compare the differences in locations, price points, and types of homes sold (i.e. new construction, foreclosures, traditional homes sale, lake homes, townhouse verse single family, etc). Over the last ten years of my career, I’ve worked hard to embrace and master how to use this  powerful information to discern and ensure my clients have the best and most comprehensive insights that are relevant for their unique situations.

Realtor David Olson
Realtor David Olson being interviewed on WCCO news about the latest changes in the Twin Cities real estate market.

In addition to the association report, I’ve also put together a team of ‘nerds,’ along with many other sources, to publish my own more comprehensive market report which includes all the local market data from the 11 county metro area, along with economic and mortgage insights (locally & nationally), AND additional tips and observations from being a realtor with boots on the ground, working with hundreds of families a year seven days a week.

I’m honored to have been featured on WCCO-TV news a couple times to contribute about our local market and I’m proud to be a trusted resource for home buyers and sellers here in the Twin Cities.

Jennifer Mayerle from WCCO-TV news and realtor David Olson before shooting a real estate news story for their program.
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