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Embracing The Concept of #Adulting…

After a couple years into marriage, I came home from work one day to randomly find that ‘out of the kindness of her heart’ my wife had decided to clean out my closet for me. What a wonderful gesture to have everything better organized! All my clothes were now color coordinated and put together in much neater rows. My sweatshirts were folded in perfect stacks on the shelf, my suits & ties were grouped together so everything easily matched. Even my shoes were put into perfect rows. I was pleasantly surprised and thanked her for such a considerate act of kindness… until I took a closer look. “Hey honey, are some of my clothes missing?” I asked, “I can’t find some of my T-shirts.’ She paused and then hesitantly said, ” Well… I took out some items that we could donate to Goodwill.”  Concerned I asked, “How many clothes did you take?!” Her answer… “The three bags over there.”

“WHAT!? THREE BAGS!!?!” I quickly realized the ‘random cleaning of the closet,’ was actually an intentional mission to get rid of some of my clothes that she thought were horrendous. She particularly thought the ones that were ‘too old, too small, or just straight up embarrassing’ had to go.

Most of my goofy t-shirts from college, some khaki cargo shorts, a couple dress shirts I loved and ‘out-grew’ (but was hoping to fit in again someday), and even a comfy sweatshirt from high school that I still thought was cool were all missing. Gone!

“What!?! You can’t get rid of these!” I exclaimed as I pulled out some of the clothes she had in the bags. ‘I wore this awesome shirt on one of our first Valentine dates! This T-shirt was a gift and has the funniest quote ever on it!” I passionately started telling her as I went through each piece and why they were important and how I HAD to keep them. Apparently that Valentine’s shirt wasn’t nearly as cool as I originally thought it was…and the funny T-shirt, well… it just made me look awkward now.  In the midst of my fervent pleading, I had this moment where I realized something important…

She was right. It was time. The clothes she picked out really did have to go.

We were responsible adults now… with established careers…and a full house to manage… kids to take care of…and important deadlines to meet.  The emotional attachment I had with these ‘outdated’ clothes had really nothing to do with the clothes at all. It was about the history of what they represented and cold hard truth that I was finalizing realizing was… life as I knew it… had changed.

Growing up can be hard to do.  There are more responsibilities and stress that can seem all-consuming and constantly change. Freaking out about getting rid of clothes from the ‘good old days’ was a moment that stands out to me as a clear reminder that not only had life changed… I did too.

The next time you’re arguing with your spouse about which clothes you should keep or get rid of. Hopefully, it will be a reminder like it was for me.

The past is behind us, so learn from it. The future is ahead of us, so prepare for it… and the present is here, so LIVE it!

Be grateful for the journey continue to live a great life! …and I’ll try not to wear clothes that are too embarrassing.  David Olson

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