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Front Page News

It was a crazy day! My wife & I had literally just had a baby (our 3rd daughter Kora)  and were recuperating at the hospital when some close friends and family came to visit and celebrate the new life of our daughter and growing family. It was one of those special moments that we’ll never forget, but something additional and unusual also happened that day. In the midst of the visitation with friends, they kept congratulating me about the front page newspaper article. ‘Newspaper!? Front page!? What are you talking about?’ I asked, ‘Their is a big article about the Twin Cities Real estate market on the front page of the Star Tribune… and it features YOU!’ they exclaimed. It was a pleasant surprise to see that an interview I gave from a couple days before, was featured at length on the front page of the largest circulated newspaper in the state. The Star Tribune is the largest newspaper in Minnesota and has been around in Minneapolis since in 1867.

As a real estate agent, having a positive article written about you on the front page of the newspaper like this is way better then any superficial ‘achievement award’ I’ve received in the past. Our growing family was still the most impactful and amazing news for us that week, but it was a fun little surprise to make the day even better. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell a home in or around the Twin Cities, and they want to work with a trusted, local, real estate expert, send them my way and I’ll make sure to take great care of them! 

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