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An Incredible Example…

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This truth can be applied on a personal level, in our businesses and can be seen throughout nature. I think a wonderful example of this are the tallest trees in the world, the California Redwoods, which stand a ginormous 379 feet [116 m] tall (That’s higher than the Marquette Hotel in downtown Minneapolis).  In addition to being the tallest, Redwood Trees are some of the oldest living on the planet too, living 3,000-3,500+ years! Another amazing fact about these natural skyscrapers is that their roots are less than 5-6 feet deep! (That’s insane… right!?) So how do these massively giant trees become the oldest and tallest trees on the planet… especially with such shallow roots?

Their longevity and massive size can be attributed to the simple fact that they only grow in groups. The intricate root systems interconnect and lock to survive together.  The Redwood Treess accomplish more with each other than they ever could alone. Its a beautiful illustration that really shows how teamwork isn’t just the difference of surviving, its the secret to accomplishing amazing things that could NEVER happen alone!

If you ask anyone who’s accomplished long term success in their business, marriage, relationships, etc. the secret for thier achievements is very simple… it’s TEAMWORK!  They’re intentional about working well with other people. Don’t let pride, fear, or short sightedness get in the way of embracing the important lesson of the Redwood trees. We’re always stronger TOGETHER. ‘Living a great life’ is being able to see the value in other people, mastering the art of teamwork, and contributing to help others reach theirs goals even before you own.  You’ll be amazed at the difference in your life by simply being more intentional about helping others have a better one! TEAMWORK really does make the DREAM work!

So what’s preventing you from working better with others?  How can you strategically create win/win solutions with the people around you? How can you be intentional about getting out of your comfort zone to invest in others? What commitments can you make to ensure you’re helping others succeed? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

*Over the last decade David Olson has worked as a full time realtor in the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. He’s the leader and founder of Twin CitiesProperty Finder and lives in the southwest metro with his family.


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